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Yes We Can - Si Se Puede!

I've been a fan of Senator Barack Obama since we lived in the Chicago area and my husband and I got to vote for him for Senator. I had signs for him and Kerry in my front yard. They got stolen three times (we were in the only red suburb in a very blue state) and each time, I drove to the Democratic office and replaced them right away! Well, here's my plug for Obama. Yeah, my mom is voting for Clinton and there's really nothing I can say to change her mind.  For her, the very idea that a woman is running for president is the culmination of her generation of women's dreams.  In this case, my family falls within the demographic lines of voters. Women over 45 like Clinton, women under favor Obama. 

I am glad we have the choice between two such qualified and intelligent candidates. It really is an embarrassment of riches for the Democratic party, but I think Obama signals the future. And as a woman whose entire voting life has been dominated by the Clinton/Bush ruling families, I wonder if our country doesn't start to feel uncomfortably like a banana republic? Certainly, women in countries with far less rights have been elected to highest office (I'm thinking of the late former PM of Pakistan Benazir Bhutto), but these women ran on the legacy of their male relatives and political power of their families, not because women have equal rights.

I'd like to see a new start. I'm sick of the polemics of hatred and division in this country.  The idea of TiyospayeNow has always been about finding a better way for our children, our community and Obama's message of unity as a country, as a people--as diverse as we are-- gives me hope. So, here's a video that speaks to that. 

Update: Here's also a link to a post by at the Huffington Post on why he made the video.

Jacqueline Keeler
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