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Fired by Indian Country Today--Native Journalist Silenced

My editorial--one of the most popular ever posted on Indian Country Today.

I've been fired from Indian Country Today for complaining about their Bomani Jones coverage and writing about Chase Iron Eyes's compromised candidacy.

Here's what I wrote in response:


My voice in Indian Country is very well-respected and the support I have received for my message—and my coverage—on these issues has been wide-ranging and deep. Even for my statements about compromised Chase Iron Eyes' candidacy. It is in the best interest of Native people to have candidates who are not burdened by secrets and can be controlled by these secrets by those that do not have our best interests at heart. As a Congressional candidate, Iron Eyes was well aware of his situation but chose to proceed regardless.

I thank Indian Country Today for all the support over the years, but I realize the goals of such a media organization are different than mine as a Native woman, activist, and writer.
My coverage on the Bundy takeover of Malheur was widely quoted in the mainstream press for the Native American perspective .
I apologize if the things I said about the Bomani Jones coverage were upsetting to anyone, but a Native American publication should include Native voices in its coverage—especially when it is about a Native American issue. I believe (and I see we disagree on this) that the role of a Native American publication is to make sure Native perspectives are promoted into the “mainstream media” and are heard by all Americans and clearly understood. This is necessary, because what other Americans think about us matters deeply to our future well-being.


Jacqueline Keeler

My article about the invisibility of Native Americans--even in media coverage of issues that pertain to us.

Here is my Patreon account to support a new Native journalism for Indian Country:

Jacqueline Keeler is creating A new Native American journalism | Patreon
Jacqueline Keeler
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Elusive Wolf Fogarty said...

I was sorry to hear about your termination. I was certainly wrong and extremely small minded of Indian Country Today.
Many of us support your efforts to report the truths we all need to know. With Chase Alone Lying Eyes candidacy we already know many of his dark truths but also know there is more we need to know. Keep speaking out, be strong never, let them silence you.

Bridgette Annalyse said...

I'm so upset to hear about your firing. You covered a lot of important issues, and to lose such a good journalist over valid questioning is absurd. Someone anonymously asked on a blog of mine if I'd heard about your firing (here) and I shared this post with them. Seeing you continue to put your voice out there like this makes me happy, though. Sending love to you x

Maria Eaves said...

Fired? Sorry to hear about that. It's not like you've been having inappropriate cyber relationships and sending out nude photos of yourself. This action is literally a lose for "Indian County."

Maria Eaves said...

Fired? It's not like you've been having inappropriate cyber relationships and sending out nude photos of yourself? This is a great loss for "Indian Country."